Rebecca D'Cruz

Rebecca's formative years on the shores of the South China Sea in the idyllic town of Kuantan, instilled in her a love for the ocean and all that swim free in it. Her favourite sound is that of waves breaking on a sandy shore.

Rebecca's love for all things historical comes from her historian father, while her creative mother is the inspiration for the fun, quirky Beckaloo crafts she produces for the delight of friends and family.

Rebecca believes in the power of love. She is convinced that dogs are the only beings on earth that can love unconditionally, having experienced first-hand the power of that love. She believes that you can never meet too many new people or travel to too many new places, and that we all have something to teach, and something to learn, from each other.

She is truly blessed to be able to share her life with her best friend, Tony and their dogs. Her dream is to own a sanctuary where abandoned and abused dogs can enjoy the love and caring they truly deserve.

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