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A picture doesn't only paint a thousand words; it touches your heart. On our site you will find good pictures which take you to places you might (or might not) have heard of, show you nature in its default setting (as Mother Nature intended), and perhaps most importantly, put faces to names, quests and passions.

We believe in sharing; it is perhaps the noblest thing we do. On our site, you will see images that we have captured over the years; pictures which have great meaning for us, and which we treasure dearly.

Feel free to use the ones you like; if you do, we ask that you acknowledge "aonyx Consultancy".

The images with watermarks on them are available either for purchase, or for use with prior written permission and then only to support conservation efforts. Contact us for the terms and conditions of purchase and use.

The copyright for all the images on this site is held by aonyx Consultancy, except where indicated otherwise.

Several pictures from this website are licensed from (hyperlink opens in new browser/tab)

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